You want your home to feel like a sanctuary, but you don’t know where to start

View More: at what needs to be done makes you feel completely overwhelmed. There’s a growing pile of unopened mail and unread magazines taking over the dining room table. That family portrait you wanted to see every day when you walk in is buried under a pile of papers in the office (because you still haven’t found a framer). Let’s not even get started on that new crack in your bathroom wall or your overstuffed closet with clothes you never wear, like those jeans that haven’t fit since college.

Your home feels stressful. The sheer amount of stuff is too much. And the worst part? Most of it no longer serves you. You want your home to reflect your current values, not who you were 10 years ago when you started accumulating all this stuff.

You want space to enjoy your life and time to focus on what matters most to you. You’re ready to create a peaceful, positive, easy-to-maintain space where you’re surrounded by the items that make you happiest.

Less Clutter, Less Stress

Work with Erin Barbot & Co. to help you organize your home, complete your unfinished projects, and finally get things done for your home, your family, and yourself.

Ready to feel at ease in your home? Let’s talk about how we can help you take control back from the clutter! Because when your home is in order, your life has room to thrive.