Welcome to my blog!

Let me begin by saying welcome, and letting you know how excited I am that you’ve come to pay me a visit!

While my interests are many and varied, I plan on using this space primarily to muse on the issues and passions that drove me to start Erin Barbot & Co. in the first place: project management, organization, and simply, helping good people get their lives and/or their businesses under control.

I encourage you to follow me using the link on the right (or below, if you’re mobile), so you’ll get an email each time I publish a new post. I promise that won’t happen too frequently; imagine the irony of someone whose mission is to help you take things off of your to-do list adding one more thing onto it by over-sharing 🙂

I look forward to sharing my ideas and insights, and hearing your comments and feedback. I’m dedicated to learning, and relish a good conversation.

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