Bryan: Project-based and Weekly Support

Bryan struggles with depression, anxiety, and obesity, but is brave enough to realize that with outside support, he is able to be much more productive. Every week, Erin Barbot & Co meets with Bryan to collaborate on a variety of tasks to improve his quality of life and enhance his sense of control.

To date, we have finished the following projects:

  • resolved the status of his school loans and started his on a payment plan;
  • updated his medication history, which spanned years and dozens of doctors and prescriptions, to provide a comprehensive view of his medications;
  • framed art for his house;
  • researched alternative therapies and located local doctors;
  • assisted in planning two vacations for Bryan and his family, including complex meal planning for special dietary needs;
  • helped him outline his podcasts;
  • created a daily checklist to help him stay on top of personal matters;
    drafted a profile for potential jobs and caretakers.

On an ongoing basis, we:

  • help him pay his bills;
  • help him keep in touch with friends and family;
  • assign weekly “homework” to keep his projects moving;
  • update his medication history as his prescriptions change;
  • make important phone calls on his behalf.

*all names have been changed unless approved by the client.