A few of my favorite things…

Hello! I’ve felt really inspired this fall, and wanted to share some of the items that have kept me feeling creative and motivated:

  1. A new coffee maker! Once we used up and gave away our remaining Keurig pods we purchased a Chemex, a coffee grinder, and reusable filters. It’s not only pretty to look at, it also makes really great coffee, cuts down on costs, environmental impact, and of course…space.
  2. This beautiful blog: I forgot how much I love reading a good blog. Reading My Tea Leaves follows a woman on her quest to live comfortably with her soon-to-be family of four in a small apartment in New York. I did get some funny looks from my family when I started taping leaves on the wall, but I think they came around:).
  3. I rediscovered bookends! Styling your bookshelf is a great way to keep your books organized, add some design to a room, and display trinkets that are meaningful to you. Using bookends to hold your book groupings together makes styling and pulling books out when you need them much easier.
  4. I’m on my third season of a capsule closet and still loving it. For the winter I tried Cladwell, a website that walks you through the process of creating a capsule closet and then sends you recommended websites for the clothes you still need to complete your capsule. It was a great tool to help me navigate what I need, and don’t need, based on my lifestyle. All of their recommended sites are sustainable and slave-free. Best of all..it’s only $15 for three months!
  5. I loved this article with ideas on reusable items to incorporate into your daily routine. I was suspect of using nursing pads instead of my cotton rounds to clean my face, but I’m sold now. It took a little getting used to, but it’s definitely worth the landfill and financial savings.

Happy Holidays! Erin