A Year of Letting Go

balloon-984229_1280This year, I’m excited to focus even more on shedding myself of the things that are no longer serving me and my family.

As more stuff comes in our house and as our needs constantly change, it only makes sense to engage in an ongoing process of editing the “things” in our lives. I’ve learned over the years that paying attention to what we have is a bit more like doing laundry than it is a “one-and-done” exercise. While it’s helpful to be mindful of how we are accumulating stuff, naturally there are times when we take a step back and realize it’s gotten away from us, or that we desire to have less stuff than we did at another time in our lives.

So here’s a goal for me for 2017: This year I will give away or get rid of one thing everyday for the entire year. I will share with you all what it is, why I’ve decided I no longer need it, and how I plan to get rid of it. I’ll include toys and share how I’m working with my toddler to understand how toys, like so much else in life, come and go.

To teach these values to my children, I must follow them myself. So I will let go of something every day, and if I purchase something (nonperishable), then I will shed two things. It’s less about “less is more” than it is about truly valuing and appreciating what I have, and imposing some discipline on my purchasing habits to reinforce that idea in myself and my family.

I don’t believe we *must* get rid of stuff just for the sake of getting rid of things. If we are in fact using an item, and/or it makes us happy, then by all means, we should keep it! With that in mind…if I get to a point where I’ve literally run out of things to move on from, I will be honest and open about that.

If you’d like to follow me on this journey, I’ll be posting pictures and stories about my items on Instagram and FB!

Happy 2017!