About Me

View More: http://beckyagardner.pass.us/cgc-erin-headshotsFrom the time I was a middle-schooler in Charlotte, NC, I’ve loved putting things “in order” and getting things done. After school, I would take my Teen magazines apart and categorize pictures and articles in my neon green Trapper Keeper. I was always on hand to help my mom organize and tidy our house. Organizing, tidying, and home management run deep in my blood.

While I do enjoy a tidy house and love to check things off my to-do list, what I know for sure is that a peaceful and organized home means something different to everyone. Your house doesn’t need to be on Pinterest, your kids don’t need to be in the Sound of Music, and you don’t need to be on the cover of Fast Company for you to feel calm, happy, and in control of your life and home.

I built a business to help you find that control, so that your home can be your sanctuary at the end of the day. I work closely with my clients to determine what that looks like for them, at this point in their lives. From organizing your junk drawer, to finding that perfect gardener, to framing your children’s precious artwork, together we’ll get your home in the order you always imagined it would be someday.

Ready for your someday dream home to become your everyday reality? Schedule a call to find out how Erin Barbot & Co. can help you find control in your home.  

You can expect personal, friendly, non-judgmental service from Erin Barbot & Co. We spend time with you up front to discuss your needs, whether they’re as simple as organizing your entryway or as complex as managing a home renovation.

Customer service comes first around here. (We do things the old-fashioned way.) Regardless of the size of the job, we will communicate with you until it’s completed to your satisfaction.

my values

professionalism, kindness, trust, timeliness, fairness, thoroughness, detail, communication, customer service, confidentiality