Caroline Greene, Author

“Erin has been a life saver for our family. After having kids, I never thought our house would be organized again, but thanks to her thoughtful and efficient approach, it is! She listened to what we wanted and helped us come up with personalized solutions that worked for our family. Moreover, she was punctual, professional, and efficient. We could not recommend her highly enough!”

Dave Ridings, Fitness Studio Owner

“I started a new personal training studio about a year ago. Being a small business where space is limited but certainly NEEDED Erin was AMAZING at helping me maximize my space and make my studio look sharp and professional. I can’t wait to work with Erin on my next studio!”

Robin B., Psychologist

“Erin is remarkable and very capable. She helped me line up a contractor to do a number of small jobs on my home. Then a few months later when I decided to move to Hawaii she was instrumental to my actually making the move. Not sure I would have made without her! I would recommend her help with just about anything!”

Carri L., Homeowner

“I cannot recommend working with Erin enough!! Being a working mom of two young boys had left my house a disaster. I was feeling overwhelmed with clutter, incomplete projects, and lots of ineffective systems. I didn’t even really know where to start. Erin gave me a plan and has helped me get our house back in order with manageable, doable steps. Erin is amazing to work with, very thorough and thoughtful in her approach. I am now loving my home again thanks to working with Erin!!”

Katie B., Stay-at-Home Mom

“Erin was the fabulous calm, collected, and organized presence I needed in my household prior to welcoming my second child.  While organizational projects are usually something I look forward to, I found that the physical challenges of pregnancy plus an extremely busy schedule working from home, managing my household, and running after my very busy toddler were leading me to put off the household projects I wanted to tackle.  Erin helped me with a wide range of tasks and I felt like there was no task too big or small for her.  I highly recommend Erin – she is a great person to work with!”

Jim Darling, Photographer

“Prior to photographing what would be only my second wedding job ever, Erin offered to be my assistant — something she’d never done before. I graciously accepted and learned pretty quickly in the process that I wouldn’t have been able to do it without her. Her assistance began in the weeks before the wedding, and continued throughout the 12-hour affair, which included two ceremonies and a reception. Erin was there to keep us on schedule and be my navigator while we traveled to and from the various locations. She even ran out to buy emergency batteries during the reception. Erin was an invaluable part of our fledgling team that day.

“We worked on one more wedding together on a day she was feeling under the weather (turned out to be pneumonia!). She was as organized and helpful as the first time. Having Erin on your team or project is something I cannot recommend enough.”

Nina F., Neighbor

“I first approached Erin to simply help me get my aging mother from her nursing home to her various appointments. I quickly realized that Erin’s services are much more comprehensive.  Erin partners with our family to help take care my mother’s many needs. Erin not only gets her to and from where she needs to be, she sits in on medical appointments on our behalf, emails us detailed notes about what the doctor said, and helps us track new appointments scheduled. It’s been invaluable to have someone we trust  support us in caring for our mother.”

Liz Ott, Former President, AIGA DC

“During my first year as the President of AIGA DC, Erin served as the Director of Programming, leading and managing all of our events for the year. With Erin in charge, we executed an unprecedented number of valuable events for our members, including our largest event ever, which required her to coordinate multiple artists, vendors, and moving parts. While her organizational and project management skills are stellar, so is her personality – she is charming, down-to-earth, and can crack the whip on you and yet still leave you with a smile on your face.”

John Wehmann, Art Director

“I’ve worked with Erin for six years and from day one, she’s been there as an outstanding and highly creative team leader. I could go on and on about her management skills and eagle-eye for detail, but really her most important quality is this: Erin gets it. No matter what the situation is, Erin’s instincts and experience allow her to guide her team and her clients to success. She knows how and when to motivate everyone when the pressure’s on, and she knows that sometimes a meeting needs to start with her doing Jimmy Fallon skits for a few minutes. But no matter what it takes, Erin will make the project successful and the work rewarding.”

Sevia Hui, Integrated Producer

“Erin is a detail-oriented project manager and a perfectionist at her job. She is great at what she does and everyone loves working with her. She was great to work with and was always extremely helpful. Her sunny disposition was a joy to be around and when she left DraftFCB and was no longer a part of our work area, it was definitely noticeable.”

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